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Permanent Magnet DC motor

Permanent Magnet DC motor (PMDC motor)

The Permanent Magnet Brushed DC motor technology offers the distinct advantages of; 

– High efficiency, 

– High power density, 

– Absence of iron losses, 

– Linear torque-speed function. 

They are applied to:

-In Automobile industry: various fan, wiper, spray pump, turbo timer, rearview mirror etc; 

-In Hotel: automatic door, automatic door locks, automatic curtain, automatic water supply system etc;

-In Industry and agriculture: PMDC motors are widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation;

-In Medical and healthcare industry: PMDC motors are used more widely, such as medical instruments, surgical tools, electric saws in open-brain surgery treatment;

The brushed DC motors range can be offered with a wide variety of spur, planetary and custom gearheads and encoders or brakes. 

The brushed DC motor range offers you: 

– Frame sizes from 31 to 114mm 

– Speeds from 1,000 to 10,000 rpm. 

– Power from 10W to 1500W 

– Continuous motor torque from 0.03Nm to 3Nm 

 - Neodymium magnets on selected motors 

– High motion efficiency, that allows you to build the most compact, precise and energy-efficient solution.