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Brushless Servomotors


The brushless servomotor is designed to operate without brushes. This means that the commutation that the brushes provided must now be provided electronically. Electronic commutation is provided by switching transistors on and off at appropriate times. There are three examples of the voltage and current waveforms that are sent to the brushless servomotor. It shows an example of the three windings of the brushless servomotor. The main point about the brushless servomo-tor is that it can be powered by either ac voltage or dc voltage. 

The other one shows three types of voltage waveforms that can be used to power the brushless servomotor. It shows a trapezoidal EMF (voltage) input and a square wave current input. shows a sinusoidal waveform for the input voltage and a square wave current waveform. shows a sinusoidal input waveform and a sinusoidal current waveform. The sinusoidal input and sinusoidal current waveform are the most popular voltage supplies for the brushless servomotor.

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