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Fasco Gear Motor Cholet technical presentations


"Fasco Gear Motor" in Japan and South Korea enterprises in developed countries generally use polymer composite materials technology and nanotechnology, polymer technology can effectively improve the maintenance field operation efficiency and reducing maintenance costs and maintenance intensity, which is the most widely the technology system is in Cholet. Compared to conventional technology, polymer composite material having both strength and hardness of the metal as required, but also do not have a metal yield of the (relationship between the variables), through the "mold repair", "member correspondence", "machining", etc process, to ensure that you can maximize the size of the repair site with and the mating parts; at the same time, the use of the composite material itself has a compression, bending, elongation and other comprehensive advantages, can effectively absorb external shocks, great resolve and offset bearing radial shaft impact and avoid the possibility of a gap appears, thus avoiding secondary equipment due to the increase of the gap caused by wear and tear.

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