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Performance comparison of mini brushless motor and brushed motor


In the application of motor, we have always thought that mini brushless motor is better than mini brushed motor, where is the gap between them? Our motor has many years of experience in research and development of brushless motor for you to analyze the performance difference between mini brushless motor and  brushed motor.

 First, the difference between the two:

When mini brushed motor is in operation, the coil and commutator rotate, the carbon brush is fixed, the change of coil current direction is completed by the commutator and the carbon brush; Mini brushless motor is no brush and commutator, it is through the hall sensor principle of electronic commutation. Mini brushed motor can not be used in the dust-free workshop or explosion-proof workshop environment because the mini brushed motor will generate friction sparks when running (large brushless motor).

mini brushless motor

Mini brushed motor performance is more stable, but the life is short, mini brushless motor life performance is better than brushed motor, but the control circuit is more complex, on the life of mini brushed motor is not compared with mini brushless motor, the brushless motor can work for tens of thousands of hours, A brushed motor, on the other hand, can only operate continuously for a few thousand hours (long life is not possible due to brush wear).Let's compare the performance of these two   motors

1. Mini brushed motor

1) The friction loss is large, and the mini brushed motor is fine. For industrial DC motors, regular cleaning of the carbon brush wear and replacement of the carbon brush in the motor is required, which is time-consuming and laborious.

2) High heating. Due to the friction between the carbon brush and the commutator, it is easy to increase the heating. The too high temperature will lead to the demagnetization of permanent magnets, which will degrade the performance of the DC motor;

3) Low efficiency and low output power. Due to excessive heating, the work of the current is done on the resistance, and the electric energy becomes heat energy to a large extent. Therefore, the output power of the mini brushed motor is not present, and the efficiency is not high.

The above is particularly evident in industrial DC motors.

2. Mini brushless motor

1) No brush,  the use of electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation;

2) Low noise, no brush friction will greatly reduce the noise;

3) Long service life, brushless big in improving the service life of   motor, but also can do high speed.After comparison, the performance of mini brushless motor is better than that of mini brushed   motor in all aspects, so is the mini brushless motor can completely replace the brushed motor?

Summary: Everything has two sides, mini brushed motor has the advantages of the brushless   motor, brushless   motor also has its own advantages, for the consideration of cost, in the case of the brush motor can meet the needs, it will not choose high-cost mini brushless motor.

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