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What are the applications of high speed mini motors?


It is difficult to realize small size, high speed, low power, low temperature rise, low noise and good adaptability to high and low temperature environment at the same time for the high speed mini motor. To solve this problem, a kind of micro motor for high-speed scanning imaging laser proximity fuze is developed. The slot-less permanent magnet core brushless DC motor structure and a special lithium base grease low temperature high speed bearing are adopted.

High speed mini motor rotor with permanent magnet excitation of small capacity motor development direction is to improve the rotor speed, which not only promotes the size and weight of the motor itself, but also promotes the size of the equipment it drives (such as turbine compressor, water pump and fan, etc.).

High speed mini motor

High speed mini motors have broad application prospects in the following aspects:

(1) High speed motor in air conditioning or refrigerator centrifugal compressor and other occasions are used, and with the development of science and technology, more and more special requirements, its application will be more and more widely.

(2) With the development of hybrid electric vehicles in the automobile industry, small size and light weight high-speed generators will get full attention, and have a good application prospect in hybrid electric vehicles, aviation, ships and other fields.

(3) The high speed generator driven by gas turbine is small in size and has high mobility. It can be used as the backup power source of some important facilities, or as an independent power source or small power station to make up for the shortage of centralized power supply, and has important practical value.

The above is part of the application of high speed mini motor, more questions can contact us.

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