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Why is the mini brushless motor used in the centrifuge?


With the increasing demand of China's industrial manufacturing industry for related mechanical and electrical products, the brushless motor manufacturing industry has also ushered in its own rapid development of spring. In order to deal with the acceleration of industry reshuffle, domestic brushless motor enterprises in order to improve their own strength, have set foot in a number of fields, such as centrifuge also began to choose mini brushless motor.

how to choose mini brushless motor

So why choose a mini brushless motor for centrifuge? The reason is very simple, brushless motor has mini volume, high precision, high efficiency, low noise, long life characteristics, working principle of the centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force to separate a mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid of each component in the machine, and high integration of brushless dc motor, made the structure more compact, centrifuge so brushless electric opportunities have more advantages than a brush motor.

What are the advantages of using a mini brushless motor in a centrifuge? Brushless motor in both ends of the rotor are used ball bearings, which can reduce the friction between each other, there will not be a lot of frictional resistance and heat, in addition, brushless motor has a very high efficiency and high rate of rotation, controllability is very strong.

This is a newly launched motor product from a mini brushless motor manufacturer. Customers can customize the motor according to their own product requirements. This motor can not only be used in centrifuges, but also can be used in medical products and experimental equipment such as agitators.

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