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Structure analysis of 24V brushless dc motor


Brushless motor structure, brushless motor and brush motor have similar, brushless motor also has rotor and stator, 24V brushless dc motor and brush motor structure is the opposite; The rotor of brushless motor is coil winding, brushless motor and power output shaft connected, stator of brushless motor is permanent magnet steel; The rotor of the brushless motor is permanent magnet steel, which is connected with the output shaft together with the housing. The stator of the brushless motor is the winding coil. The brushless motor removes the commutation brush used by the brushless motor to alternate the electromagnetic field.

 24V brushless dc motor manufacture

The 24V brushless dc motor relies on changing the alternating frequency and waveform of the current wave input to the stator coil of the brushless motor. The brushless dc motor forms a magnetic field rotating around the geometric axis of the motor around the winding coil. The magnetic field of the brushless motor drives the permanent magnet steel on the rotor to rotate, and the brushless motor motor turns. Number and performance of the motor brushless motor magnetic steel, magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity factors such as input voltage, the motor size, more with brushless motor brushless motor control performance has much to do, because the input of dc brushless motor, 24V brushless dc motor current need electronic governor turned it into three phase alternating current (ac), brushless motor also need to receive control signal from the remote control receiver, Brushless motor control motor speed, brushless motor to meet the needs of the model.

The 24V brushless dc motor structure is relatively simple, actually determine brushless motor brushless motor or brushless electronic governor, the performance of brushless motor good electronic governor needs a single chip microcomputer control program design, circuit design, control the overall process, such as complex processing technology, so the brushless motor a much higher price than a brush motor.

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