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What are the waterproof methods of 24v brushless dc motor?


First we need to know that the vast majority of 24V brushless DC motor not moistureproof, very large level is due to their office environment not moistureproof, waterproof coating in raising cost also limit the overall features, the cost of special main use only commonly use value, such as pump and liquid solution, the other is likely to use the motor touch the liquid.

Because of water and organic solvents, the fitness control system often encounters the risk of erosion and inefficiency. The moisture-proof motor is the core component to deal with the common trouble of water motor of  24V brushless DC motor. The motor manufacturing industry has a standardized liquid protection measure, known as IP waterproofing class, and electrical installation projects and motor manufacturers must comply with the application standards.

manufacturer of 24v brushless dc motor

Common and effective waterproofing methods for brushless DC motor:

Moistureproof 24V brushless DC motor to 30 feet in the following work in the deep sea, this is a common industry standard, with "moisture", is not after modification, the specification of the motor is just real moistureproof motor, they can work very well in the depth of the natural surroundings - in all kinds of industrial production and ocean resources.

In the search for a moisture-proof solution, each solution presents a different level of liquid waterproofing. For example, in some special cases, just avoid splashing water, while in others completely engulf the motor, and do it at special depths. Many moisture-proof methods will limit gas flow into the motor, which will adversely affect the high power output of the  24V brushless DC motor. General and reasonable motor moisture-proof methods are as follows:

Moisture-proof pump seal: maintaining the motor's fitness motion components, especially the shaft and rolling bearings, moisture-proof pump seal creates a closed area for the motor's internal work.

Unique housing: Covering the motor with a unique housing is one of the common ways to avoid water hazards, professional housing can be too expensive.

Customers can use which method to ensure reasonable moistureproof according to the application environmental evaluation.

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