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Custom bldc motor| What are the core components of customized bldc motor?


Customized bldc motor(custom bldc motor) is no stranger to us, but many people may not know the composition and component functions of brushless motor. Even many people do not understand the composition of brushless motor, resulting in the selection of brushless motor products will not be clear how to customize according to demand. So today with you to understand the core components of brushless motor?

In fact, high speed dc motors are not a single motor can generate power, but need to be controlled by the brushless controller, and through the brushless controller to achieve motor operation and control. Stator and rotor of brushless motor: and brushless motor and other motors, are composed of stator and rotor (motor is basically composed of stator and rotor), brushless motor whether external or internal rotor structure rotation is a magnet.

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Brushless motor shell: the front cover, middle shell and back cover of the brushless motor are mainly integral structural parts, which play the role of constituting the overall structure of the motor. But the outer rotor brushless motor shell is the magnetic circuit of the magnet, so the shell must be composed of magnetic materials. The rotor housing is only a knot, so the material is not limited. But the inner rotor motor than the outer rotor motor more than a rotor core, the role of the rotor core is also as a magnetic circuit.

Brushless motor core components are mainly the above, if you want to know more about brushless motor knowledge or custom development knowledge, you can contact the brushless motor manufacturer.

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