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How to solve the noise problem of 24V brushless DC motor


24V brushless DC motor is also a kind of frequency converter, so it is also called a DC converter. The 24V brushless DC motor is worthy of attention for its operating efficiency, low-speed torque, and speed accuracy, which are superior to any control technology mixer. 24V brushless DC motor will produce abnormal sound during operation. The solution is as follows:

24V brushless DC motor

1. If it's a 24V brushless DC motor commutation angle, it's easy, but the 24V brushless DC motor commutation can be handled in a special way. You must first open the phase that needs to be closed, and then close the phase that needs to be closed. You can not do both. This keeps the internal current of the motor stable, thus reducing the noise.

2. If the 24V brushless DC motor is reversing, the electrical angle lags far behind the mechanical angle, resulting in a shorter delay between the noise, electrical angle, and mechanical angle.

3. If it is a pulsating problem of a 24V brushless DC motor, the current of the 24V brushless DC motor should be compensated.

4. can also be a 24V brushless DC motor coil with insulating paint immersion, and then high-temperature drying, full penetration of rotor bearings, can reduce noise.

The 24V brushless DC motor is small in size, quick in action, quick in response, large in overload capacity, wide in speed regulation range, large in low-speed torque, small in fluctuation, stable in operation, low in noise, high in efficiency and without electromagnetic interference. The 24V brushless DC motor, which is used in a variety of industries, is rapidly gaining market share due to its multiple advantages.

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