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The three main uses of the mini brushless motor


The mini brushless motor can replace the brush motor and, without the carbon brush and slip ring structure, can run continuously at low speed and high power, and is small in size, light in weight, and low in noise. It also has a long service life compared to the mini brushless motor. Mini brushless motor is used in a wide range of applications, from household appliances to aerospace, and there are three main uses for Mini brushless motor:

mini brushless motor

Continuous load applications: the main requirements have a certain speed, but speed accuracy is not high, such as fans, pumps, blowers, and other applications, such applications cost low, and most of the open-loop control.

Variable load applications: mainly the speed needs to change within a certain range of applications, motor speed, and dynamic response time characteristics have higher requirements. For example, household appliances, dryers, and compressors in the automotive industry in the oil pump control, electronic controllers, engine control, and other areas of a good examples, such applications of the system costs are relatively high.

Positioning applications: most industrial control and automation applications fall into this category, where energy transfer is usually accomplished, and therefore the dynamic response to speed and torque is required, the requirements for the controller are also higher.

Mini brushless motor, which has applications in many industries, has quickly gained market share due to its multiple advantages. We specialize in all types of the brushless motor and if you'd like more information about the mini brushless motor, please contact us.

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