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The reason why electric vehicle motor chooses 24V brushless DC motor


Electric vehicles are basically the environmentally friendly means of transportation that every household will have. Not only is it convenient and convenient, but it is also very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Therefore, the electric vehicle manufacturing industry is also developing, why do many manufacturers design and build electric cars with 24V brushless DC motor?

24V brushless DC motor

In the first generation of electric vehicle motor is used or brush motor, in the use of the process need maintenance, brush motor in the carbon brush and commutator need to be replaced regularly, otherwise it will be burned, and also big energy consumption, easy to catch fire, manufacturers switched to 24V brushless DC motor after the introduction of 24V brushless DC motor. The 24V brushless DC motor will not only be easy to maintain but will also make electric cars more powerful, easier to climb, and less noisy. Even if the Houle in the motor is damaged, there is no need to replace the motor, so it has a longer life and is more power-efficient than a brush motor, but the controller for the 24V brushless DC motor costs more than a brush motor.

The 24V brushless DC motor, which is used in a variety of industries, is rapidly gaining market share due to its multiple advantages. We specialize in 24V brushless DC motor, so feel free to email us for more.

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