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Analysis of the reason why 24V brushless DC motor can not start


24V brushless DC motor is composed of motor and driver, it can run automatically, high efficiency, low torque speed, and smaller volume night, higher control accuracy, so it is favored in the industry, many industries have switched to 24V brushless DC motor. In actual use, we will find that the 24V brushless DC motor can not start suddenly, there are a number of reasons for this situation, and we can analyze it according to the following circumstances.

24V brushless DC motor

First, check if there is a link with the machine itself rotation is not flexible, resulting in the 24V brushless DC motor can not start, and then check the power supply voltage reasons, if the power supply voltage is too low or start too much buck, can cause can not 24V brushless DC motor can not start the situation. After elimination, check the stator windings with Megohm if they are short-circuited or grounded, and then check the stator windings or rotor windings if they are short-circuited, or if the winding rotor brush is not in contact with the slip ring, it needs to be fixed. 24V brushless DC motor overload can also cause can not start, there are parts of the damage, such as: bearing damage, stator winding wiring errors. If you can not start after the investigation, you need to seek professional help, do not disassemble the 24V brushless DC motor, to prevent damage.

24V brushless DC motor has been applied in many industries, with its various advantages to quickly develop and occupy the market, more on the 24V brushless DC motor consultation, Welcome to consult.

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