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Three control methods for high speed DC motors


High speed DC motors have three control modes: square wave control, sine wave control, and FOC control. When adjusting the current and voltage of the controller, attention should be paid to adjusting the length of the Constantine and the resistance of the power connection.

high speed DC motors

1. Square wave control

Square wave control uses either the high speed DC Motors Hall effect sensor or a sensorless estimation algorithm to obtain the rotor position, which is then used six times (every 60 â °) in a 360 â ° electrical cycle. Each reversing position of the motor produces a force in a particular direction, so the square wave's control position has an electrical accuracy of 60 â °. Because the control under the motor phase current waveform is close to a square wave, so-called square wave control. It has the advantages of a simple control algorithm, low hardware cost, and higher motor speed that can be obtained by using a common performance controller. Square wave control is available for high speed DC motors, which doesn't require much in the way of rotational performance.

2. Sine wave control

The sine wave control method uses an SVPWM wave, the output is a three-phase sine wave voltage, and the corresponding current is also a sine wave current. Thus, there is no concept of square wave control commutation, nor is there a concept of an electric cycle being executed infinitely many times. Obviously, compared with square wave control, sinusoidal control has less torque ripple and less current harmonics, which makes the control feel more “Delicate”, but the performance of the controller is slightly higher than that of square wave control, high speed DC motors can not reach peak efficiency.

3. FOC control

Sinusoidal control indirectly realizes the control of voltage vector and current control, but can not control the direction of the current. The FOC control method realizes the current vector control, i. e. the stator magnetic field vector control of high speed DC motors.

High speed DC motors are used in many industries and have developed rapidly to capture the market with its many advantages. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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