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Common problems in the use of mini brushless motor


1 What is the impact of reverse power connection?

A: It immediately burns the drive.

2 The enclosure of driver is hot when it works for a long time. Is it normal?

A: Normal, at room temperature, long time working shell up to 90 degrees, will not affect the performance.

3 Can the brushless driver set the motor speed to 6000 RPM or above?

A: The speed of the high speed mini motor is based on the rated speed of the motor itself, and the driver can control the motor speed between 0 and rated speed. Over rated speed motor is prone to jam.

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4. How to connect the existing motor after purchasing this driver?

A: It is necessary to confirm the definition of motor phase line and Hall line before wiring. If you are not sure of the definition of line sequence, you need to ask the motor manufacturer, otherwise incorrect wiring will lead to driver damage.

5 Is the mini brushless motor not broken?

Answer: Wrong, mini brushless motor will also be bad, such as coil short circuit, foreign matter into the motor; Or motor load is too heavy, overheating, resulting in magnetic demagnetization; In the process of using the motor, it is necessary to keep the motor in the rated current and rated power under the rated parameter value. If the motor exceeds the rated parameter value, overload, overheating and demagnetization will occur.

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