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Control approach of 24V brushless DC motor


The 24V brushless DC motor is a single chip microcomputer control, commutation and commutation: position sensor output signal, through the software, control word control P1; Speed change: PWM control armature current; Current limiting control: voltage comparator.

There are many kinds of asIC chips used for 24V brushless DC motor, most of which are designed for hall type position sensor three-phase brushless DC motor. Most of them have commutation function, PWM speed control function, steering control function, brake control function, motor phase number and working mode selection function, protection function (such as current limit, under voltage, overheating protection, etc.), some also integrated drive circuit.

24V brushless DC motor

Suitable for a certain speed but not high speed accuracy requirements of the field, such as fans, pumps, hair dryer and other applications; And most industrial control and automatic control applications, such as mixers, plasma processors; Conventional household applications, such as dryers, compressors, etc.

The 24V brushless DC motor is small in size, quick in action, quick in response, large in overload capacity, wide in speed regulation range, large in low-speed torque, small in fluctuation, stable in operation, low in noise, high in efficiency and without electromagnetic interference.

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