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High speed mini motor is how to achieve high speed?


The function principle of high speed mini motor is to improve the current frequency through the frequency converter to improve the speed of the role, but in use, many users do not understand how to achieve high speed, so the following is introduced in detail, so that users can better use. High-speed motors are more common in the processing industry, used for drilling, grinding and cutting. Larger high-speed motors can do thousands of kilowatts.

High speed mini motor usually refers to the speed of more than 10000r/min of the motor. They have the following advantages: first, because of the high speed, so the motor power density is high, and the volume is far less than the ordinary power of the motor, can effectively save materials. Second, it can be connected with the prime mover, eliminating the traditional deceleration mechanism, high transmission efficiency, low noise. Third, because the rotational inertia of high-speed motor is small, so the dynamic response is fast.

High speed mini motor

Motor speed calculation:

The speed of the motor is equal to 60× frequency/level logarithm, the original high-speed motor uses high frequency power supply, and now you can use the frequency converter, as long as the frequency of the power supply is increased, the rotating belt is naturally high, how much can be calculated! The so-called stage logarithm refers to what we usually call several stages of the motor, usually 4 stages, but the high speed mini motor is usually 2 stages. Frequency refers to the frequency of alternating current. We normally use 55 Hertz. After conversion, we look at the frequency converter.

The above is the high speed mini motor to achieve high-speed specific application operation, according to its operation to reasonable use of equipment, and through the motor speed calculation, calculation of reasonable speed, to ensure the safety of use.

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