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Structure resolution of customized BLDC motor


Customized BLDC motor consists of the motor body and the driver, because the DC customized BLDC motor operates automatically, there is no additional winding on the rotor, which is the same as the heavy-duty motor starting with the frequency conversion drive, and there are no oscillations or out-of-step when the load changes suddenly.

customized BLDC motor

Structurally, the customized BLDC motor is similar to a brush motor in that it also has a rotor and a stator, but unlike a brush motor, the rotor is a winding connected to the power output shaft and the stator is a permanent magnet. The rotor of the customized BLDC motor is a permanent magnet that is connected to the housing to the output shaft, and the stator is a winding coil that removes the commutative brush that the brush motor uses to communicate an electromagnetic field, then there's the problem of how to rotate the customized BLDC motor without the electromagnetic field transformation.

To put it simply, by changing the AC frequency and current waveform of the stator coil of the customized BLDC motor, a magnetic field is formed around the winding coil that rotates around the geometric axis of the motor. This magnetic field drives the permanent magnet steel on the rotor to rotate, and the motor rotates. In general, the customized BLDC motor has a simple structure, and the performance of the brushless governor is the real determinant of its performance, a good governor needs the monolithic integrated control of single-chip microcomputer control program design, circuit design, complex processing technology, and so on, therefore, the price is far higher than the brush motor.

Customized BLDC motor has been used in many industries, with its rapid development of various advantages to capture the market, I believe it will be more widely used in the future.

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