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Brushless motor manufacturer explains how to select and maintain brushless motors


The brushless DC motor is composed of the main body of the motor and the driver. It has a fast response speed and can replace the speed regulation and frequency converter of the DC motor, small size, and great strength. Brushless motor manufacturer recommends that you choose the brushless DC motor when you need to pay attention to a few parameters.

Brushless motor manufacturer

In general, the brushless motor manufacturer believes that the maximum torque, square-mode torque, and speed of the brushless motor is the most important factor to pay attention to. Maximum torque is the sum of load torque, the moment of inertia, and friction, there is a need to note that it will be affected by other factors, in the test need to pay attention to exclusion; The square mode torque is similar to the actual application's continuous output torque and is determined by a number of factors; the speed is then chosen based on the actual application, with a 10% data margin for calculation. Brushless motor manufacturer recommends that you pay attention to the maintenance of the DC motor removal money to clean the surface dirt, and blow away the dust, before the removal of the need to do a good inspection test to compare the results and data.

As a professional brushless motor manufacturer, we are always trying to develop more and better products. If you have more information about brushless motors, please feel free to contact us.

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