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High speed mini motor speed and steering control methods


The high speed mini motor doesn't need a carbon brush, has a long life, is easy to operate, and has low noise, so it is now widely used in many industries. In order to make the high speed mini motor suitable for more functions, control the speed and steering of the high speed mini motor.

high speed mini motor.jpg

First of all, the speed of the high speed mini motor can be adjusted by voltage control. Generally speaking, we can adjust the speed by matching the drive, changing the output voltage of the driver can control the input voltage of the high speed mini motor, and change the speed of the high speed mini motor. PWM speed regulation can also be used, in general, that is, through pulse width modulation, the original fixed DC power supply voltage is adjusted to a certain frequency and the width of the pulse voltage sequence can be changed, so we can change the average output voltage to change the speed of the high speed mini motor.

To change the steering of the high speed mini motor, you need to change the order in which each phase is energized. You can do this in two ways. One is to install two sets of rotor position sensors to change the steering, the other is to only need one set of rotor position sensors, can use logic circuits to change the power, and then change the turn-on sequence of the switching transistor, to change the direction of the high speed mini motor.

High speed mini motor is widely used in many industries and is rapidly gaining ground in many areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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