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What are the advantages of a 24v brushless dc motor over single-phase electric power machines?


With the development and progress of society, 24v brushless dc motor has been more and more widely produced and applied in automobile, tool, industrial control, automation, aerospace, and other fields. So what are the advantages of a 24v brushless dc motor over single-phase electric power machines?

24v brushless dc motor

1. First, understand the 24v brushless dc motor and single-phase electric power machine.

24v brushless dc motor (BLDC), which consists of a motor body and a driver, is a typical mechatronics engineering product; the utility model relates to a motor that replaces the carbon brush and commutator structure of a brush motor by using an electronic method.

(2) single-phase electric power, a rotating electromagnetic machine used to convert electrical and mechanical energy to each other, whereas Single-phase refers to the number of electrical phases used. The existing power supply system provides A-B-C three-phase electric power, the use of which is a single-phase.

BLDCM advantages over single-phase electric power

(1) speed control. Currently, AC usually has a three-speed control, but the 24v brushless dc motor has a stepless speed change over a wide speed range, which will help customers choose the most suitable speed and increase the product's comfort.

(2) noise reduction. 24v brushless dc motor (BLDCM) has low noise not only during start-up but also during operation. On the one hand, it can achieve a soft start-up by DC frequency conversion technology to reduce the noise during start-up. It has no brush friction and runs smoothly, thus reducing noise.

(3) air volume. 24v brushless dc motor has its own high starting torque, strong overload capacity, mechanical hard, and so on. In practical use, the 24v brushless dc motor speed is higher than the single-phase electric power machine; the air volume is also higher.

(4) efficiency. High Efficiency is also a 24v brushless dc motor speed control system is one of the characteristics. For example, in terms of the total pressure efficiency of the exhaust hood, a block-based speed-regulating system may be about 8% more efficient than an ac-based system.

(5) energy saving. Energy saving has become one of the future design trends of household appliances. For example, an exhaust hood is an electrical appliance used daily. Although it is not used for a long time, the energy consumption of the AC motor is still very high due to its low energy efficiency. In this respect, a 24v brushless dc motor is much more energy-saving than a single-phase electric power kiln.

Of course, 24v brushless dc motors are smaller, lighter, and more efficient, with better control characteristics, higher reliability, and longer life than AC motors. Because of these advantages, more and more AC motors are being replaced by BLDC Motors in the home application industry.

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