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Introduction and characteristics of high speed DC motors


High speed DC motors are a typical mechatronics engineering product consisting of a motor body and driver. Because the brushless motor operates in automatic control mode, it does not add another starting winding to the rotor like the synchronous motor with heavy load under variable frequency speed regulation, and it does not produce oscillation and is out of step when the load changes suddenly.


High speed DC motors

High speed DC motors, as their name implies, are very fast, and in order to ensure that the rotor has sufficient strength, the design of high speed DC motors rotor is mostly slender in shape. Therefore, the possibility of approaching the critical speed of the rotor system of high speed DC motors is greatly increased compared with that of the normal-speed motor Normal motor bearing can not be operated reliably at high speed, so a high speed bearing system must be adopted.


High speed DC motors have the following features:

(1) excellent speed regulation characteristics, speed regulation smooth, accurate, convenient, wide range.

(2) high overload capacity, can withstand frequent impact load.

(3) it can realize frequent fast start and brake reverse.

(4) it can meet all kinds of special operation requirements of the production process automation system. Therefore, it is especially suitable for wide and precise speed control occasions and special remote control systems, such as metallurgical mines, the chemical industry, machine tools, and other industries Scientific research institutions such as universities, scientific research institutes, and factory laboratories; It can also be used as a backup motor in the event of a power outage or as an electric motor for use in special circumstances, such as the main thrust motor and generator in submarines


This is high speed DC motors introduction and features, hoping to help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.

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