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Advantages of the customized bldc motor


The customized bldc motor consists of a motor body and a drive and is a typical mechatronic product. It has significant advantages and features. The following four advantages can be summarised for the customized bldc motor.


customized bldc motor

1. Customized bldc motor because of the characteristics of DC brush motor, at the same time the drive is also a frequency change device, so also known as DC frequency conversion, customized bldc motor running efficiency, low-speed torque, speed accuracy, etc. are better than any control technology inverter because the DC brushless motor is self-control operation, so will not be like frequency control under the synchronous motor Because the DC brushless motor is self-controlled, it does not have a separate starting winding on the rotor like a synchronous motor with a heavy load, nor does it produce oscillations and lost steps when the load changes suddenly.


2. The permanent magnets of the customized bldc motor are now mostly made of rare-earth NdFeB with a high magnetic energy product. Therefore, the volume of the rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor is reduced by one block size compared with the same capacity three-phase asynchronous motor.


3. Customized bldc motor's high efficiency, high-efficiency area, high power and torque density, power factor (COSΦ) close to 1, system efficiency > 90%, permanent magnet customized bldc motor, in any case, the rotor is a synchronous operation, AC frequency motor is frequency control, customized bldc motor is speed control frequency, the motor in synchronous The rotor has no copper or iron consumption.


4. Customised bldc motor has the advantages of good low voltage characteristics, strong torque overload characteristics, large starting torque, small starting current, etc.


The above are the characteristics of a customized bldc motor, hope it can bring you help if you want to customize a bldc motor, welcome to contact us directly.

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