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Features and applications of the mini brushless motor


The mini brushless motor is a brushless DC motor. It is a new star in the market and is increasingly replacing the former brushed DC motors.


mini brushless motor

Brushless motors are used in a wide range of applications. The ones that are closer to our lives, such as blenders, hoovers, floor scrubbers, portable car pumps, etc. Children's toys, electric scooters, electric power-assisted vehicles, etc. Air models, drones, aerial photography tools, model boats, etc. used by modeling enthusiasts; computer air-cooling systems, paper shredders, electric bicycles, video cameras, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric car doors, all kinds of fans, pumps and other doors.


The mini brushless motor has more features than the brushed motor.


1. Thin, light, and powerful.

The mini brushless motor uses permanent magnets in the rotor, thus achieving thinness, lightness, and high power. This makes it possible to meet the demands of miniaturization.


2. More energy efficient.

The use of permanent magnets in the rotor section of the mini brushless motor reduces secondary losses in the rotor and significantly reduces power consumption. This helps to save energy.


3. Stable.

The mini brushless motor consists of a motor body and a driver. As the mini brushless motor operates in a self-controlled manner, there are no oscillations or loss of step during sudden changes in load.


4. Long service life.

Brushless motors can work continuously for around 20,000 hours and have a conventional service life of 7-10 years. Carbon brush motors: can work continuously for about 5,000 hours, with a conventional service life of 2-3 years.


5. Less maintenance and after-sales service.

The carbon brush motor needs to replace the carbon brush, if the replacement is not time will cause damage to the motor. Brushless motors, on the other hand, have a long service life, usually more than 10 times that of brushed motors. Daily maintenance is basically not required.


6. Strong use effect.

The mini brushless motor is controlled by a digital frequency converter and is highly controllable.


Carbon brush motors generally work at a constant speed after start-up, and speed regulation is not very easy, while series-excited motors can reach 20,000 rpm, but their service life is shorter.


7. The cost of a mini brushless motor is higher than that of a brushed motor, but because it is so powerful, there are now more and more applications for brushless motors. If cost is not a consideration, a brushless motor is not comparable to a brushless motor.

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