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2-Phase Hybrid Stepping Motor

Hybrid Stepper Motors are a high precision positioning motion system. Their high power at relatively low speeds, and their ability work in full, half or micro step mean that a large majority of application problems can be solved by utilizing this technology. The hybrid motor technology can be considered as an optimal solution for a wide variety of applications today, with the absence of mechanical commutation and the use of high quality bearings enables these products to be considered where extended lifetime and or high loads (axial / radial) are needed or exist. Available in 2 or 3 phases with sizes from NEMA 11 to NEMA 42 (20mm to 110 mm square) and step angles of 1.8°and 1.2°. These hybrid products can achieve holding torques of between 4.5N.cm to 17 Nm as well as providing a high level of flexibility in terms of;

– Output shaft modifications, Hollow etc…

– Wiring looms, cabling and connectors

– Addition of pulleys, feedback devices etc…

– Customized windings

– High axial / radial load capability.

– IP 65 rating (available upon request).

Certain versions are of a unique flat design that allows their use in space confined applications.